Mile High Building


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October 2, 2013:
Design and construction of huge skyscrapers continues in China, Gulf States.


Kingdom Tower:

Currently, the Kingdom Tower may be vying for largest building against the Burj Khalifa, but modular skyscraper techniques may create competition in short order.

Where Can You Find A Mile High Building?

Construction Begins on A Mile High Skyscraper

The race to make a mile high building has moved to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia where the Kingdom Tower complex is under construction. Though mile high skyscrapers have been in the planning stages since the time of Frank Lloyd Wright, so far nobody has built such a structure, either as a concrete tower or steel and glass skyscraper.

The construction of mile high buildings, and the planning involved, are a testament to the wonders of 21st century technology. Concerns about earthquakes, wind, corrosion, terrorism, and even how to clean all those windows will have to be addressed, not to mention the logistics of bringing running water and electricity to the top floors of the buildings in such a way that does not create structural or fire hazards. People who dwell in much smaller apartment houses get their water from tanks on the roof, but imagine the technology needed to pump water through a vertical mile of pipes!

The top 20 tallest buildings (As of April 2011)

Burj Khalifa Tower (formerly the Burj Dubai) is 2,717 feet high, over half the height of the proposed Mile High Tower.
Taipei 101
Shanghai World Financial Center
International Commerce Centre - Union Square
Petronas Tower 1
Petronas Tower 2
Nanjing Greenland Financial Complex
Willis Tower (AKA The Sears Tower)
Guangzhou Twin Towers West Tower
Trump International Hotel and Tower
Jin Mao Building
Two International Finance Center
Citic Plaza
Shun Hing Square
Empire State Building
Central Plaza
Bank of China Tower
Emirates Tower One
The Center
T & C Tower

Notes and Special Information

Special note: Until a building actually reaches the mile high mark and is occupied, it will still be a dream of architects around the globe.